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Buy an AVX Combo Set and get a cardioid capsule for FREE

Promotional Offer
To celebrate the start of the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas and for a limited time, Sennheiser
will send you a free cardioid capsule (MMD 835-1 BK) with the purchase of the AVX Combo Set. Adding this extra capsule
option expands the options of the already versatile AVX Combo Set even further.
Promotional Period
April 24, 2017 through June 30, 2017
How it works
Purchase the AVX Combo Set during the promotional period and get a free MMD 835-1 BK during the promotional period.
This promotion is being offered to dealers and should be passed along to end users to increase your AVX sales.
Terms and Conditions
• This offer is made exclusively by Sennheiser and can not be combined with other promotions.
• For every AVX Combo Set purchased, we will ship you a free MMD 835-1 BK (149,00€ ex. VAT).
• Note that the cardioid capsule will be shipped in separate packaging and will not be bundle-wrapped with the AVX Combo Set.
• Only purchases of the AVX Combo Set will be valid for this offer.
• Sennheiser is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.
• No limit on number of offers.
• Correct number of MMD 835-1 BK should be added to your purchase order at no charge (e.g. if 4 AVX Combo Sets are
purchased, your purchase order should reflect quantity 4 of the MMD 835-1 BK at 0,00€)
• Offer valid to EMEA countries.