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Cobalt 6546 D/A 10-bit SD-SDI to Analog with De-Embedded Audio

The 6546 provides 10-bit 270 M-bit SDI SMPTE 259M conversion to analog composite, Y/C, component YPbPr, and RGB with de-embedded audio in both AES/EBU digital and analog outputs. The 10-bit encoding engine upconverts 4:2:2 to 4:4:4 then 4x oversamples to 16:16:16 for improved signal performance. An internal VCXO with de-jitter loop filter to 2Hz reduces digital jitter before the encoding process. Full user processing controls (with user memory) allows adjustment of white level, black level, color gain, color phase (color phase on composite and Y/C), gamma and digital noise reduction.

Price: 20 €