TV Connections

Cobalt 8021 HD/SD Up/Down and Cross Converter

The HD-8021 is a high quality 10-bit, Down and Cross Format converter with monitoring grade up-conversion, that bridges SMPTE 292 high definition (HD) and 259M-C standard definition (SD) signal formats.
The 8021 can Upconvert SD, Downconvert HD and Format convert from one HD standard into another and output HD/SD SDI, HD analog and SD analog video.
In addition, the 8021 can re-aspect the image, change i to p, p to i and add 3:2 pull-down. Safe Area reticules, 4×3 and
16×9, full aperture for 4×3 and center cross can be selected on any or all outputs.
The image processing is full 10-bit using a 24-tap spatial filter. Down conversions of HD to SD signals are de-jittered to reduce chroma phase jitter of SD analog signals. All analog outputs are encoded at 12-bits to preserve the 10-bit video signal.


Price: 20 €