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GENUS GSHERPA K1 shoulder c300 c500

The red Sherpa Shoulder Mount Kit from Genustech has been designed with light-weight materials but is rock-solid while shooting.

This mount takes less than two minutes to assemble. The Quick Release Base Plate slides onto the main dovetail base plate and locks levers into position. The complete hand assembly also slides onto the main dovetail plate and is fixed into the desired position via a knurled lock-off knob.

Steel Rosettes on the hand grips, extenders and front bar enable you to operate in the position that suits you and your camera and the rosettes have been designed in a way that allows fine adjustment.

The handgrips have been ergonomically designed and the high-grade compound, covering the handle, ensures there is no slipping in your hand.

The lock-off knobs of this system are all ratcheted. By ratcheting you can lock down to the level you want in the tightest of spaces.

The De-Luxe Shoulder Pad can also be finely adjusted because this, too, has a rosette attachment. Not only can the pad be moved along the main plate, to move the camera to the ideal shooting position, it can be moved left or right so the pad sits comfortably on your shoulder.

As previously mentioned the main base plate has a quick release system. Simply pull the lever, to release the brake, and you can slide the camera system off the rig in seconds. The main base plate has 19mm sockets, and the camera base plate has 15mm sockets for rods so you can mount other accessories (field monitor for example) in the ideal operating position.

The camera base plate can be attached to the main base plate. This elevates the position of your camera and is ideal if using a DSLR camera (Canon C100/C300/C500 for example).

The camera base plate has 1/4 and 3/8″ threaded sockets on either side so you are able to attach an Articulating Arm.

Both Main Base Plate and Camera Plate are supplied with 1/4 and 3/8″ camera screws.

This kit includes the Genus Gold Camera Mount for Canon Cinema Series cameras.