TV Connections


Succesful cooperation with filmmakers has led to the creation of a new, innovative slider that meets the needs perfectly. The slider carries heavy film cameras such as CANON C500, SONY F55 or ARRI ALEXA. Lightweight construction, modularity of the system and easy one person assembling/ disassembling were the main goals during the designing process.

Allows easy connection of rail sections to create 4m, 8m or even longer tracks that meet the filmmaker’s needs. The construction of the set allows assembling and disassembling without the use of any tools.

Even with significant weight of the set (camera with all accessories), the slider won’t yield under it. Each section is equipped with four adjustable feet, that easily and quickly fix to any surface. You can precisely and in no time level the set standing on the ground.

When working in small spaces, or when you simply need a short track for your camera, you can use only one standard 0,8m or 1,2m rail section mounted on only one tripod.

Depending on the weight of your set, you can use additional DUAL support.

Even a long slider can be successfully mounted upside down to an aluminium construction or a ceiling. Threads for 3/8” screws are placed on both sides of a slider.

BULLTM HEAD versatility allows to mount it any way you like – vertically, horizontally, or upside down. You can mount your camera close to the floor or to the ceiling.

BULLTM HEAD with ATLASTM MODULAR creates a perfect motion control system for your studio or stage