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X-Copy technology

X-copy is the name of a patented technology that has made NEXTO the fastest and safest backup system in the world for over 12 years.
All NEXTO products are equipped with this feature, which doubles the speed and doubles the data safety.

Incremental Copy

Back up memory card multiple time without erasing the card. Nexto keeps track of your card history and copies only the added(added after last backup) files. If there are any erased or changed files at the camera, that file shall be moved to “Trash” folder inside the backup folder. Therefore, Nexto always keeps the contents of the memory card and the contents of the disk the same.


Achieve 100% safety with Multi-copy (M-copy)

Connect USB external drive to Nexto.
Nexto simultaneously copies memory cards to internal and external drives at the same time.
M-copy technology minimizes copying time with parallel processing. Two backups ensure 100% data safety.