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Nori SquareBounce


The rain or shine lighting reflector
SquareBounce is designed to improve on the portable lighting reflector. It combines the functionalities of a collapsible lighting reflector with that of a golf umbrella.
It is an intuitive system that provides ergonomic comfort, precision and shelter all in one tool. The goal is to be more efficient while carrying less.

Four fabric materials are available in total.  White returns a soft diffused light.  Silver reflects a hard/specular light.  Gold bounces a warm hard/specular light while Black is used as negative fill or as a lighting flag.  With this expanded line of reflective materials, a huge combination of lighting usage can be achieved with the SquareBounce reflector system.

SquareBounce (White, Silver, Gold or Black):
90.00€ ex VAT
Kit of 2 SquareBounces (mixed colours) with Bag: 
170.00€ 135.00€ ex VAT


The flat umbrella design enables you to hold the reflector steadily in ergonomic-friendly positions.  Muscle strain is drastically reduced when compared to using traditional collapsible reflectors as your arms do not need to be out-stretched.

The reinforced rib design provides strength in maintaining a flat, rigid reflecting surface at all times, even when used in the breeze.  Fabric tension can be adjusted by user.

The SquareBounce utilizes the basic structure of a golf umbrella.  Anyone who has ever handled an umbrella would already know how to use it. The 5/8” diameter umbrella shaft is designed to fit snuggly on industry standard c-stands.  Angle adjustments and locking off is a walk in the park.

Maintaining a consistent light while moving along side your subject is easier.  No energy is wasted on keeping the reflector from bending and fluttering.  You can instead focus on keeping pace and maintaining the best reflective angle while on the move.

Made with water resistant material, the SquareBounce doubles as a rain umbrella and a sunshade when duty calls. Your subjects and equipment will be grateful. Cleaning and maintaining the SquareBounce is simple.  Wash with water and gentle soap and set it open to dry on the ground.

The SquareBounce comes complete with a shoulder pouch made of rugged nylon material for protection and ease of transport. Having the reflectors on your back keeps your hands free and ready for other important tasks.

When opened, the SquareBounce packs an impressively broad reflecting surface of 3.5’ x 3.5’ (107cm x 107cm), and when closed its low profile footprint allows it to fit easily into most vehicles.