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Lupolux LED 650 Daylight

The Dayled 650s are revolutionary LED Fresnels with high colour rendering index (CRI > 92, TLCI > 94) and high luminous efficiency. Powered by a Powerled with a mere 60 W consumption, they generate a light emission of approximately 650 W. The precise internal mechanism and the Fresnel lens (traditional lens in borosilicate glass) with which they are equipped allow you to control the light beam – from spot to diffused – for all different shooting requirements. The optical and mechanical features of the Dayled 650 are reliable and traditional, in line with those of the tungsten Fresnels found in television studios around the world. At the same time, however, LED technology allows incredibly superior versatility: dimmer 0% — 100% in manual or DMX, mains or battery use, no heat output, remarkable energy savings. The extreme lightness (just 2.5 kg in weight), along with the ability to power them on a battery, makes the Dayled 650 particularly versatile and suitable for video shooting in any condition. Flicker free technology allows you to use Dayled LED Fresnels for video recordings with high-speed camcorders.

Price: 30 €